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Chercheur associé (Université Grenoble Alpes)

Anticipation et Gestion des Risques

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Curriculum vitae

02. 2019 – now (Contract)

Associated Researcher - Université Grenoble Alpes, CERAG (Grenoble, France)

  • Conduct research on Blockchain technology and crypto-market related-topics;
  • Construct databases on cryptocurrencies that are relevant for future research;
  • Data preparation and correction;
  • Analyze market risks, prices, and liquidity;
  • Study the dynamic interplay between risk factors and potential returns in this emerging financial landscape;
  • Create market indexes;
  • Write and publish research papers.


2021 – 2022 (Contract)

Academic Tutorem lyon Business School (Lyon, France)

  • Supervised 5 bachelor students for their final year work (Major: Finance & Management)


09. 2019 – 12.2022 (Contract)

Teaching Assistant - Université Grenoble Alpes (Grenoble, France)

  • International Finance (CM - English), 3rd year Bachelor (L3) - IUT2
  • Seminar: Introduction to Blockchain, L3 - IUT2 Grenoble & M2 - IAE Grenoble 

Dumas JG, Jimenez-Garces S, Șoiman F, Blockchain technology and the crypto-market’s risks: A literature survey

  • Presented at IMCIC conference - Mar 2021, Orlando United States. Published in Conference Proceedings.

Șoiman F, Dumas JG, Jimenez-Garces S, What drives DeFi returns?

  • Presented at AFFI Conference - May 2023, Saint Malo France.

Șoiman F, Mourey M, On pricing DeFi tokens

Șoiman F, The negative investor attention impact on bitcoin


Șoiman F,  Mourey M,  Dumas JG,  Jimenez-Garces S, The forking effect

  • Presented at World Finance Conference - Aug 2021, Agder Norway.
  • Presented at AFFI Conference - June 2023, Bordeaux France.


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