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Doctoral Contracts

Ministerial contracts

Each year, the Doctoral School of Management Science opens 3 PhD positions at CERAG. Candidates must propose a topic, in agreement with a thesis director who agrees to supervise them.


The first step is to contact a CERAG member who has the Habilitation to Supervize Researchs, and to work out a thesis project with him/her. This thesis project must be explained and developed in an application file to be sent before June 24, 2024 at 9am.

Application files (in french)                        CERAG's HDR professors

Applications will be processed by the EDSG, which will announce the eligibility results on June 27, 2024.

Eligible candidates will then receive an invitation to the auditions to be held on July 4, 2024 in Grenoble.

Focused Doctoral Contracts

Many of the laboratory's research projects include funding for one or more PhD contracts. These contracts generally focus on a specific theme or subject. To apply, contact the teacher-researcher in charge of the project.

Submitted on May 2, 2024

Updated on May 2, 2024