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Doctoral Contract IDEX BOTRAPP

Study of the impact of recruitment chatbots on recruiters and candidates.

In a context of massive deployment of recruitment tools using artificial intelligence (AI), many organizations are adopting or planning to adopt recruitment chatbots. Our project aims to study their impact on the different categories of individuals confronted with AI-integrated tools, through a mixed methodology combining the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data:
- first parties (in our project, recruiters), i.e. individuals who work or collaborate with AI tools dedicated to recruitment to make decisions that affect other individuals.
- second parties (in our project, candidates), i.e. individuals who live, work and are directly affected by AI tools dedicated to recruitment.

Download the Doctoral Contract (In french)

Thesis supervisor : Christelle MARTIN-LACROUX

Thesis co-supervisor : Soffien BATAOUI

Contract start date : September / October 2024

Submitted on May 2, 2024

Updated on May 2, 2024